[Horror] [Movie] Noroi - The Curse

Title: Nori - The Curse
Original Title: ノロイ (noroi)
Release: 2005
Director: Shiraishi Kōji
Language: Japanese
Genre: Horror / Documentary
Length: 115 minutes

Short summary:
Noroi is a documentary-styled horror movie about rituals and curses.
A paranormal expert named Kobayashi Masafumi is the main character in this movie. Along with his camera he visits a woman called Ishii Junko who behaves quite strange. It's said that the neighbour often hears the cries of babies. But Kobayashi can't find out more about that at first. Later in the movie he gets to know Kagutaba which is some kind of demon and which is related to Ishii and the baby screams. In rituals (called Kimatsuri (demon festival)) Kagutaba was venerated but during those sessions also many paranormal happenings occured.

For me it was only the second time to watch a documentary-styled movie. So it was still quite new for me. And it's been very interesting.
In the beginning you get to know the story little by little. Kobayashi always takes his camera with him to interviews with people or on excursions. Sometimes there are also shown some tv shows and stuff like that. It's done very good although in the beginning nothing really happens.
It takes a while until you understand how everything comes together. And while you try to connect all the incidences the movie also becomes more scary and just more excited. It's not like you see any monsters or something like that. It's always only very short scenes where you can recognize things that shouldn't be there. But it's only for a few seconds which makes the movie so frightening. You always wait for more.
In the end the "documentary" is finished and you're told that Kobayashi is missing but he sent some new film material.
This ending just freaked the shit out of me! I LOVED it. It was kinda surprising and also scary. I really needed to watch something fun afterwards.
It's perfect fo a frightening horror night in a dark room in front of the tv. Two hours of disturbing scenes.

Action: 3/10
Excitement: 7/10
Fun: 0/10
Fear: 9/10
Romance: 0/10
Drama: 1/10
Violence: 4/10
Erotic: 0/10
Moe: 0/10
Total: 9/10


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