[Romance][Dorama] Kimi wa Petto

Title: You're my Pet / Tramps like us
Original Title: きみはペット (Kimi wa Petto)
Release: 2003
Director: Kato Arata, Kaneko Fuminori, Takanari Mahoko
Language: Japanese
Genre: Romance
Length: 10 episodes ~45minutes

Short summary:
Sumire (played by Koyuki) is a business woman but loses her job. When she comes home she finds a guy (played by Matsumoto Jun) in a box in front of her house. Calling him Momo she decides to keep the guy as a pet. After a while they grow feelings for each other.

Well, how should I start? The cast isn't really what I like. Neither I do like Koyuki nor Matsumoto Jun. So that might be why I kind of dislike the Dorama from the beginning. Anyway I found the idea of keeping him as a pet cute and so I went on watching it. It was funny and at least a bit romantic. But in the end it's not really what I like. I prefere other dorama that's not only about finding your true love or whatever. It's strange though since I actually like nice romances.

Action: 0/10
Excitement: 0/10
Fun: 4/10
Fear: 0/10
Romance: 5/10
Drama: 2/10
Violence: 0/10
Erotic: 0/10
Moe: 2/10
Total: 4/10

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