[Horror] [Movie] Tales of Terror from Tokyo - #110 The Japanese Doll

Title: Tales of Terror from Tokyo - #110 The Japanese Doll
Original Title: 怪談新耳袋第110話「市松人形」 (Kaidan Shin-Mimibukuro dai 110 wa "Ichimatsu Ningyō")
Release: 2010
Director: n/a
Language: Japanese
Genre: Horror / Short-Story
Length: 5 minutes

Short summary:
A young woman comes to her mother's house to visit her. During the night she hears little footsteps on the floor and her mother talking to someone. When the woman askes about who her mother talked to she doesn't get an answer.

Well, it's a very short movie (since it's part of a collection) but kind of cute. It's not really scary though. Just nice amusement.

Action: 0/10
Excitement: 1/10
Fun: 3/10
Fear: 1/10
Romance: 0/10
Drama: 0/10
Violence: 0/10
Erotic: 0/10
Moe: 0/10
Total: 3/10

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