[Comedy] [Dorama] Kisarazu Cat's Eye

Title: Kisarazu Cat's Eye
Original Title: 木更津キャッツアイ (Kisarazu Cat's Eye)
Release: 2002
Director: Kaneko Fuminori, Katayama Osamu, Kudo Kankuro
Language: Japanese
Genre: Comedy / Dorama
Length: 9 episodes ~45 minutes

Short summary:
Main character Bussan finds out that he's gonna die in some month. So he decides to do something he didn't do before. Together with his friends from a baseball club he steals stuff from criminals.

I remember how I found this dorama... I watched the movie on my flight to Japan in 2004. After that I (of course) forgot the name of it. But some years later I found out about the dorama and I started to watch it. From the first episode I had to laugh so hard. It's so amazing. I love the way you can see the main actions and after strange stuff happens you also see stuff that was not shown before.
At first it's maybe a bit hard to get into it. But in the end it's just awsome! And you have to laugh tears!

Action: 6/10
Excitement: 3/10
Fun: 8/10
Fear: 0/10
Romance: 3/10
Drama: 7/10
Violence: 5/10
Erotic: 2/10
Moe: 2/10
Total: 8/10

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