[Comedy/Romance] [Dorama] MENDOL

Original Title: メン☆ドル - イケメンアイドル (Men-Dol - Ikemen Idol)
Release: 2008
Director: Kinoshita Takao, Tsuzuki Junichi, Takamaru Masataka, Oyamada Masakazu, Nemoto Kazumasa Language: Japanese
Genre: Comedy / Romance / Dorama
Length: 12 episodes ~45 minutes

Short summary:
Asahi, Nami and Hinata (played by members of the idol band AKB48) are the main characters of this dorama. They want to become idols so badly. But they fail every audition. But finally a producer accepts them on the condition that they become male idols. So they do their debut as boys and nobody must find out about their true identities.

To be honest - I love girls dressing up as boys. And Takahashi Minami is just perfect in her role as Nami/Kai. I usually dislike idol stuff. But this is really awsome since it's kinda different from other "I want to become idol"-stuff. The characters are authentic and the sidestories are great since they also talk about Japan's big taboo: homosexuality.

Action: 4/10
Excitement: 2/10
Fun: 7/10
Fear: 0/10
Romance: 6/10
Drama: 5/10
Violence: 3/10
Erotic: 1/10
Moe: 6/10
Total: 7/10


  1. wow! die reviews alle sind richtig gut *-* vielen dank :)



  2. this drama looks very cute and interesting , i also like when girls dress up as boys too, its interesting to see lol , and i thought japan was open to homosexuality ?