[Drama/Romance][Movie] Air Doll

Title: Air Doll
Original Title: 空気人形 (Kūki Ningyō)
Release: 2009
Director: Korēda Hirokazu
Language: Japanese
Genre: Drama / Romance
Length: 125 minutes

Short summary:
Nozomi is the sex doll of Hideo. One day she suddenly comes alive but won't tell her owner about it. For him she's still a normal sex doll. She looks for work and goes to a movie store were she starts and get to know Junichi. They fall in love but it's not that easy with a doll that's filled with air.

First I was surprised about a Korean starring a Japanese in a Japanese movie. Also because of the fact she is Korean her Japanese was different wich was kind of strange. But when I got used to it I really enjoyed this movie. I like the dialogs and the way everything is represented. It's a very quiet movie anyway and there's a special atmosphere about it. I really would watch it again.

Action: 0/10
Excitement: 1/10
Fun: 2/10
Fear: 0/10
Romance: 7/10
Drama: 7/10
Violence: 1/10
Erotic: 2/10
Moe: 1/10
Total: 6/10


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