[Horror][Movie] P.O.V.: A Cursed Film

Title: P.O.V.: A Cursed Film
Original Title: POV~呪われたフィルム (POV Nowareta Firumu)
Release: 2012
Director: Tsuruta Norio
Language: Japanese
Genre: Horror / Mocumentary
Length: 92 minutes

Short summary:
This movie is about two girls who are filming some TV show. They watch some footage in the studio but there seems something wrong with it. Suddenly they see some strange woman in the window reflection. They decide to go to the place where the footage was filmed and end up in a school one of the girls went to during middle school. They feel being followed and some strange happenings take place.

I really like the start of the movie. It's really exciting and I got scared many times. The part at school is also made very good and the actors behave very natural. It's really sad that the end of the movie is so disappointing. It wasn't scary anymore. It got boring but somehow funny in a very bad way.

Action: 3/10
Excitement: 6/10
Fun: 3/10
Fear: 5/10
Romance: 0/10
Drama: 1/10
Violence: 1/10
Erotic: 0/10
Moe: 1/10
Total: 5/10


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