[Romance/Action][Movie] Love Exposure

Title: Love Exposure
Original Title: 愛のむきだし (Ai no Mukidashi)
Release: 2008
Director: Sono Sion
Language: Japanese
Genre: Horror / Mocumentary
Length: 237 minutes

Short summary:
Yu grows up in a Christian family. His father is a priest who is left by his wife. So the priest becomes very different from before. He asks Yu over and over again for his sins but there's nothing Yu has to tell. That is why Yu becomes disappointed and starts to make sins by taking photos of girl's underwear. Now he can finally tell his father some sins which makes him very proud while the priest becomes angry. One day Yu dresses up as a woman (Sasori) and gets to know Yoko who falls in love with Sasori. Yu's father and Yoko's mother start a relationship which now makes Yu and Yoko brother and sister but the girl can't stand men. Also she still doesn't know about Sasori is her brother.
Aya who is a girl of the "Zero Church" tries to get the family for her church. Besides Yu everyone believes what she says and so they become a part of Aya's church. Yu finally tries to get Yoko out of there by using a bomb...

As you can see it's a very long movie with very much story. Every character gets explained You can see the history of them. Also there are connections to other movies (Sasori for example). I guess these details make the movie so special and so interesting. I really enjoyed watching it since it has a huge plot which I love! Also ist very exciting and dramating. There's a lot of action but also some triggering angst. Still it's a romance in the end and I shed a lot of tears!

Action: 7/10
Excitement: 6/10
Fun: 3/10
Fear: 1/10
Romance: 5/10
Drama: 4/10
Violence: 5/10
Erotic: 1/10
Moe: 1/10
Total: 7/10


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